• Founded in 1994, Belsey & Mahla Architects has been creating homes for New Yorkers in and around the city for nearly twenty years. Be it a one bedroom apartment or a multi-unit condominium development, each project is treated with the utmost care, attention, and discretion. Both partners, Erika Belsey and Phil Mahla, are fully involved in every aspect of the design process and construction.
  • Each design is developed to uniquely fit the client, budget, and context. Whether it is a traditional Park Avenue cooperative apartment, a contemporary downtown duplex loft, or a Long Island beach house, Belsey & Mahla believe that architecture must be functional in order to be beautiful, and that timelessness trumps trendiness. Architectural plans and details are carefully crafted for clarity and consistency. Materials are chosen for durability and delight.
  • Belsey & Mahla Architects provide design services that allow their clients to enjoy the process as much as the result. To read more about them, click on The Franklin Report.